Crowdnetic, a provider of technology and market data solutions to the global crowdfinance marketplace, has shared with us for publication data collected through their network of intermediaries.

Crowdnetic tracks, among other things, data regarding private issuers raising capital (referred to as “PIPRs”) in Rule 506(c) offerings.  In the one-year period since the effective date of the new rules (September 23, 2013 to 2014), Crowdnetic reports that there have been 942 successful PIPRs completed through the CrowdWatch platforms.  Of these, the vast majority involve offerings of equity (534 offerings) and offerings of convertible debt securities (318 offerings).  There are quite a number of industries represented.  When considered based on the number of offerings, the leading industry sectors are social media, e-commerce and app software.  When considered based on offering proceeds, the leading industry is oil and gas.

The below charts provide data from Crowdnetic.