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Capital Markets and Securities FAQs – 11th Edition

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                    We can help you keep your head above water. Sometimes the water is deep and can get choppy. You may find that the 11th edition of our Capital Markets and Securities FAQs can help you get to firm ground. The FAQs (or Frequently Asked Questions),… Continue Reading

The Guide to Social Media and the Securities Laws

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The growing use of social media has created challenges for federal securities regulators, who must enforce antifraud rules that were written at a time when the prevailing technology was the newspaper. This Guide summarizes how federal regulation of securities has evolved in the face of the growing use of social media by investors, securities issuers,… Continue Reading

Morrison & Foerster Launches MoFoMobl$

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Introducing MoFoMobl$™, Morrison & Foerster’s first mobile app dedicated to the Mobile Payments industry.  This new resource delivers a regulatory overview of key issues and considerations, access to timely alerts and articles, and a weekly news digest on market developments.  Users have one-touch access to each resource using MoFoMobl$’s user-friendly interface on their mobile device…. Continue Reading

Guidance for Advisers

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The Division of Investment Management provided additional guidance for advisers using social media.  Read our recent alert http://www.mofo.com/files/Uploads/Images/140404-Use-of-Social-Media-by-Investment-Advisers.pdf.

More on the SEC’s Regulation S-K Study

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The SEC Staff’s recently released Report on Review of Disclosure Requirements in Regulation S-K, which was required by Section 108 of the JOBS Act,  provides a starting point for revisiting broader issues regarding SEC disclosure.  While the JOBS Act mandated that the study review Regulation S-K in the context of the new class of issuers… Continue Reading

Capital Markets & Securities FAQs eBook

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Download the 2014 eBook version of MoFo’s FAQs (updated for the JOBS Act and other developments) and you’ll have answers to the most frequently asked questions about securities offerings, securities filings, etc. on your iOS, Kindle, Android or Nook device. Imagine that – the power of MoFo at your fingertips, in an easily searchable format…. Continue Reading

Let the U.S. Treasury Dept Know About Innovators and Leaders in Small Business Financing

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The Treasury Department is seeking information about leading innovators using technology to promote capital formation, and address the capital-raising challenges of small and emerging companies.  Read the blog post and provide a submission at: http://www.treasury.gov/connect/blog/Pages/Let-Us-Know-About-Innovators-and-Leaders-in-Small-Business-Financing.aspx

Issuer Financial Statements In Registration Statements

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We think the attached chart (available here:  http://www.mofo.com/files/Uploads/Images/130411-Issuer-Financial-Statements-In-Registration-Statements.pdf) is a simple way to keep track of the basic financial statements that different filers must include in SEC registration statements.  For more specific guidance, go to Regulation S-X and the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance’s Financial Reporting Manual, which is now updated regularly.

JOBS Act Quick Start

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IFLR recently published The JOBS Act Quick Start, a book authored by David Lynn and Anna Pinedo, which is available online here: http://www.mofo.com/files/Uploads/Images/130200-JOBS-Act.pdf. We also invite you to request hard copies of the book for free for you and your colleagues by emailing jmarano@mofo.com.

Regulatory Innovation Award Nominations

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Morrison & Foerster is seeking nominations for the 2013 Regulatory Innovation Award. Morrison & Foerster established the award in 2008 through the Burton Foundation to honor an academic or non-elected public official whose innovative ideas have made a significant contribution to the discourse on regulatory reform in the areas of corporate governance and executive compensation,… Continue Reading

FAQs at Your Fingertips

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Knowledge is power, and now, with the eBook version of MoFo’s FAQs, you can be even more powerful. We’ve taken our popular FAQs containing questions and answers about securities offerings, securities filings, etc. and created an ebook that you can download on your iOS, Kindle, Android or Nook device and readily access and search. Imagine… Continue Reading

Welcome to the MoFo Jumpstarter Blog!

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Welcome to the MoFo Jumpstarter blog, where we will cover the implementation of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.  It was signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012.  In over two months since enactment of the JOBS Act, we have observed a whole new process for conducting initial public offerings by… Continue Reading